Payment Options

Riders may pre-pay for their rides with Door 2 Door or can pay the driver with cash or ticket. Riders pay only the fare that is due and should not include a tip. Drivers are not allowed to accept gratuities. 

Riders may purchase tickets from any D2D driver. Ticket books are available for $20 (ten $2 tickets) or $35 (ten $3.50 tickets). Tickets are small, easy to carry, and make wonderful gifts. 

Prepayment Options:
Riders may create an online account with Abby Vans, the County's D2D provider. The online account allows you to pre-pay rides in addition to scheduling, viewing and cancelling trips.  

Already have an account click here to login.                                                                                                                        
To start an account, please complete the following: 
   1. First you must register your account with Abby Vans online portal.
   2. After all information has been entered, click the register button at the bottom of the form. 
   3. Once submitted, call (715) 743-3364 (option 9) during regular business hours to verify your registration.
   4. After verifying your account, you can login and access all the regular account features and pre-pay for rides.

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